Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“We will only change our attitudes when we try new behaviors and it proves successful and rewarding to us.”

Life is a journey of consciousness development
Most of us will spend some 80-90 years manifested on this earth. This journey offers us so many opportunities to develop our consciousness and to take life, business and societal initiatives, initiatives that will be good for ourselves, others and coming generations. We take a lot of constructive initiatives in our private and professional life, but sometimes we get trapped in destructive attitudes and behaviors that we find hard to change and we may not even be aware of them. This could be the case in everything from how we relate to ourselves, our family, our friends, our colleagues, our co-workers, and people from other countries to coming generations.

We will get the reputation we deserve
We need to be fully aware of the fact that our attitudes and behaviors will lead others to a perception of us. How happy would we be if we fully knew their perception of us? We may fully accept short term negative opinions about our attitudes and behaviors when we are doing what we do for a  reason. We realize that it is a natural part of a change process. We may, though, have become trapped in our ego and our attitudes and behaviors will not be good in the long run for either ourselves or others. Independently of that, we need to take full responsibility for the reputation we get. Our reputation is a result of our conscious and unconscious attitudes and behaviors towards ourselves, others and coming generations.


We can always develop for our own and others betterment
Our age does not have to do with the year we were born, but rather with the degree of pain we feel when we are confronted with new ideas. So our own development as human beings, leaders and coworkers has to do with our willingness to confront ourselves with new ideas, including ideas about the development of our own attitudes and behaviors. That could be everything from learning to listen more, reduce our need of control, worry less, take initiatives, eat better, sleep better, drink better, trust ourselves more to reduce our ambitions. Even if our attitudes and behaviors are “solidified” we can always change if we really want to.

What is hindering us from changing and developing?

Fears!! When we are in control we feel safe. If we change, things can go wrong. Developing ourselves is about taking risks and why should we take risks when we feel in control? What would happen if we lost control? That would be too risky. We do not want to make a fool of ourselves and people may not like or appreciate us if we change.

What can help us to change and develop in a way that is positive for ourselves and others?
It is all about love and fear. We develop our attitudes and behaviors in relationships. We develop in the relationships with our parents, brothers and sisters, school teachers, friends, colleagues and others that we have had relationships with during our life journey. Some of our attitudes and behaviors are the result of loveful relationships and others are the result of fearful relationships. If we want to develop ourselves to our fullest potential we need to reflect and to surround ourselves with loveful relationships and change our behavior and attitudes so that we get the reputation we really want to have.

Good leadership is about reducing fears
All change starts with myself and we need to start the process by reducing our own fears and try new behaviors and as a result of that change our attitudes. Only one person in this world can change our attitudes and that is we ourselves. We change our attitudes when we have tried a new behavior that has proven successful and rewarding to us.

Our own development will then lead to a positive atmosphere in our work team, and when our co-workers can develop themselves in the same way we will all experience more Meaning, Joy and Financial Success in our organizations.