Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"We will get what we see and focus on"

Good leaders
How is it that many of our leaders, on different levels, are so loveful and engaged in what is best for all of us? How is it they can combine their leadership with a good family life, good friends and a constructive engagement for our society? How is it that so many people around these leaders experience meaning, joy and financial success?

Do you have doubts? Let us continue this thought process and what we mean by meaning, joy and financial success.

Meaning; a source of well-being
Meaning is contributing to others’ well-being; at the same time what I do is a part of my own selfrealization.

Joy; heart, trust and fellowship
Joy is heart, playfulness and spontaneity. Joy is also knowing that I am OK as I am. Joy is being comfortable spending time with myself and with others. I also find joy in others’ well-being and success.

Financial success; good economy with integrity
Financial success means that my days are not occupied with financial worries. Financial success means that I can live in a life promoting manner, privately and at work. Financial success means that we can develop in a way that is good for ourselves, other people, living beings and the environment. Financial success requires long term sustainable growth.

How do we get more of these leaders?

How do we get the media, the academic world and other forms of leadership development to put a focus on what we really want? We want leadership that takes into account the long term as well as the short term. We want leadership that takes into account basic security and self realization. A leadership that takes into account all of our five aspects.

A single player cannot take the responsibility for good leadership in our society and in our organizations. Even if some people think that they have the answer and become dogmatic telling us how we should lead and live our lives. There have to be many of us and we need an open communication and exchange of experiences amongst us. There have to be many of us that put a focus on the type of leadership we want to have. There need to be many that put the good and constructive leadership in focus and high on our priority list, even if it may be challenging.