Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

We spend too little time in nature

We know we are a part of it all. We live here together with trees, flowers and animals of all kinds. We live here on earth with the sun, the moon, the sky and with endless imaginations on the wholeness in our fragmented world. We know we are a part of it all, even if we forget it at times. Most of us feel good when we experience nature.


What prevents us from taking the time to be in nature? I do, you may say and that is fine; at the same time many of us do not. We sit at the office or in the car. We watch TV or play a computer game. We may even be more in contact with our smart phone than spending time with friends or colleagues in nature. Why is that? We may accept it as a part of life in our modern society.


The risk is of course that we lose our understanding that we are a part of the whole and how important it is for us to experience this connectedness. As a leader of myself, my team or family and my business or organization I need to stay in balance. In balance with myself and with others and being connected with nature helps me achieve that.


When was the last time you took a walk in the forest or over the mountains with your family, friends or colleagues? How often do you do that? How valuable do you think it is for your wellbeing? When did you spend time by yourself or with a good friend on the sea? How did you feel? When did you spend time with your loved one taking care of the garden? When did you last eat a potato that you planted yourself?


Urbanization leads to many positive things and at the same time we risk missing the closeness to nature. We need that closeness in order to be able to cope with everyday life in our big cities.


We need to figure out how we will balance the big city life with closeness to nature without stress. How will we get a good balance between the city and nature without stress or fears? This should be a part of modern leader development; and it is in some places.


The challenge though is not to bring the city with us to nature, but to bring nature into the city when we get back. Bringing nature into the city will help us as leaders to work for a sustainable, evolving society and work place with constructive family/friends relationships.


So let us reflect. How much time do we spend in nature and how do we feel about it?


What would we like to see more of regarding our life in nature?


What keeps us from spending more time in nature if we want to and know that it’s good for us?


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All the best



Hans Akerblom
Founder of Lots®
CEO of Scandinavian Leadership
Cellphone +46705136602


Recommendation of the month:


Some time ago I had the privilege of co-facilitating a session in Tarrytown, New York with Bill Plotkin. He has written a great book about our relationship to nature. “Nature and the Human Soul – Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World”, New world library; member of Green Press Initiative.