Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“We see what we put the beam of our flashlight on.”


As human beings we create our future, consciously and also unconsciously. We have our "flashlight" that we use to illuminate our world and we will, of course, see what we put our beam on. That helps us in our conscious creation of our future. We are all like a camera man, with a limited focus, and we miss out on so much by not allowing our camera and our five senses to experience more. We unconsciously take in much more and our challenge is to let ourselves become aware of all that we are taking in, both what we have focused on and what has come in without our knowing it.


I found my mission in life early and have of course missed out on so many other things as a result of my devotion or where I put my beam. All of us have to make choices and of course take the consequences of those choices. However, it is never too late to widen the scope of our personal camera lens. We may then experience more and keep on developing throughout our whole life. Doing new things or change will then be fun, as a participant said last week.

Here are some suggestions to aim our flashlight on. Find your own examples that are relevant for you. Watch a video on a Wednesday afternoon. Take a three hour walk in nature with your family and friends on a Saturday. No TV, no internet or mobile phone for a week. No daily newspaper for a week. No professional phone calls after 6 pm. Take one hour of reflections together with your wife/husband, children and grandchildren every day. Spend an hour in nature every day. Observe how your colleagues are feeling. Take an alternative route to work. Try to make your personal or professional problems into possibilities. Don't do what you spontaneously would do – to break patterns.

No one will ever thank us for giving up on ourselves, even if we want them to. The way we live our lives is only up to us and we need to take the consequences of our choices. We all want a clear leadership at work and we need, ourselves, to exercise clear leadership in our lives to develop and inspire ourselves.