Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“We live more securely and free when we know we have alternatives.”

Alternatives mean freedom and progress
Our private and professional life is like a roller coaster ride. It goes up and down, it twists and turns. That is a part of life and change is natural. This takes place in smaller issues during a normal day or we experience it in bigger issues that take a longer time to handle. When we have alternatives we can always take opportunities and handle challenges in a life and business promoting way.

Change is natural and we need to prepare ourselves and sometimes even take the initiative to change. For some people the change may be to start to exercise more. Others may need to educate themselves further. Others may need to alter their personal behavior in relationships. Others may need to find smarter, cheaper, more enjoyable ways of doing things at work. Others should change their choice of profession. Others should change their private relationships.

There are so many changes we need to do over a life time and the more we change the easier it gets. We can become experts in life and business promoting changes. We are sitting in the driver’s seat of our private and professional life. We are in contact with our own will. We should not become complaining victims of change around us or about lack of change within ourselves. We can inspire ourselves and each other to make life and business promoting changes and get the rewards that will inspire us to change again. Life is about change and then alternatives are needed.

Lack of alternatives mean struggle and misery
It is hard to live one’s life as the tail of a dog. Many people know this: wives who follow husbands in corporate transfers, subordinates who follow mentors from job to job. We all have our personal experience. We have had moments in our private and professional life when we could not see an alternative and we remember how difficult we felt the situation to be when we could not immediately see a way out. We all deserve alternatives when our private and/or professional life is not treating us well. We do not deserve to go to work with headache or pain in our stomach. We do not deserve to be full of fears when we meet our life partner. We do not deserve to feel bad when we promote necessary change in our private and professional relationships. We do not deserve to feel that life is a struggle full of misery due to our gender, ethnicity or age.

This is though, the case for many people in our world, in our countries, in our organizations and in our communities and families today. This is not acceptable and we need to take a stand. Do we believe in equal rights for all people and do we want to contribute to that or do we try to maximize our own success while not caring that much about others? This is of course not black or white, but we need to take a stand and contribute to the world we would like to live in and one day hand over to the next generation. Our ego trap is waiting around the corner and it is so easy to become a victim of our own success and forget that we are all interdependent in the long run. What do we want to be proud of when we talk to our grandchildren about our life, our family, our nation and our world?

Curiosity and Creativity are soul qualities
We need curiosity and creativity in order to generate our life and business alternatives. We need to see what is going on in the world around us and within ourselves. This takes a certain amount of curiosity. We are normally very curious as children. We have that quality within ourselves and we should support each other to maintain that quality throughout our life. Otherwise we may grow old and not participate in a positive progress of our society. Change is a part of life and curiosity will help us to take initiatives for change or adapt to change in a life and business promoting way. We have better education and communication tools than previous generations and that gives us further responsibility. How aware are we about that and what do we do with it? We cannot change everything in one generation, but we need to take further steps towards the understanding that we, in the long run, are interdependent.

Moving production to low cost countries and the bird virus are very challenging examples of our interdependence and how important it is for us to generate life and business promoting alternatives for the future and coming generations. We all have our own private and professional challenges/changes for which we need to generate alternatives.

What is creativity? Creativity is about finding new alternatives that will help us to succeed in the short run and/or in the long run. It is time for us to think more long term again if we care about our children and coming generations. If our focus is on our own short term success without considering the long term impact, our children and coming generations will have to pay for it. Where would we be without the curiosity and creativity that led to the world of today, that our parents and grandparents handed over to us; both the good and bad? How do we want our grandchildren to talk about our contribution?

We should talk about our past, without getting trapped by it. We should live much more here and now and observe what is going on with ourselves, other people in the world and our children. We should worry less and instead take constructive measures for our common future. Soul qualities are about being here and now and being present with what is going on, with ourselves and with other people.

Small steps every day
All of us that have read this reflection letter are affected on a mental and an emotional level. I agree, I disagree, nice thoughts and so on. We need to move from the mental and emotional aspects towards action, to take a stand and take small steps every day towards the society we want to live in and hand over to the coming generations.

Our own curiosity and creativity will lead to alternatives. We will all find our own ways. At the same time we can inspire ourselves through our relationships.

Let us inspire ourselves and each other by creating alternatives and share them, and we will take conscious steps towards increased Meaning, Joy and Financial Success.