Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

”We do not take enough time for reflection”

That is what many participants concluded at the end of the two days at the Scandinavian Leadership Forum in Uppsala, Sweden. We had great days together and there were so many impressions regarding leader, team and business or organization development.

 Catarina Ericsson, Vice President of PwC, emphasized the importance of involving everyone in the organization in order to utilize their creativity and to anchor decisions.

 Frank Fiskers, CEO of KF/COOP, focused on the new aware customer and how important it is to understand the customer of today and tomorrow. He also emphasized the importance of positioning yourself clearly and taking the business consequences of our values, i.e. transportation by rail and the removal of king prawns from the assortment.

 Tony Malmström, CEO of Miris, showed how flexible you have to be when you manage a world class innovation and how valuable it is to have access to people with global and local (“glocal”) experience. He updates his business plan on a weekly basis to be able to keep up with every challenge.

 Kerstin Svennesten-Sjaunja, Dean and professor at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, emphasized the importance of farm animals and pets for our society. We may not realize how many people get their employment thanks to animals.

 Christian Wiklund, CEO Skout Inc. in San Francisco showed the need of communication between people in our world and that you have to manage for fast growth in order to take this opportunity. You also need to look for competences globally in order to succeed. This puts extra demand on you as leader.

 Ola Fernberg, Vice President Regional dental care, Orebro, showed how a clear customer focus has strengthened the organization, and by involving entire departments in the planning sessions, they are taking the right decisions themselves without the need for constant supervision.

 Farida Rasulzada, researcher in Creativity at the University of Lund, showed that there is a direct relationship between health and creativity and that leaders need to promote a creativity culture in their organizations.

We all inspired ourselves and got a fantastic picture of today in so many fields of our global society, and we all agreed that today’s leaders have a lot of challenges to cope with every day. To be able to be competitive and to see all possibilities as well as threats and to be able to utilize everyone’s potential and creativity - it is valuable to take the time for reflection. There is also a need for reflections with others, as well as on our own. It is valuable to get input from leaders from other organizations, as being a leader can get “lonely” at times.

The time spent in team reflections was very much appreciated and the participants asked for more time for reflections at coming Scandinavian Leadership Forum meetings.

It also became very clear how everything is connected; our environment, nature, treatment of animals, businesses, and people all over the world. We are all one.

Some of the reflections and feed-back from the teams:

  • The development in our world is moving fast and this puts an extra challenge on us as leaders.
  • Great to learn so much about so many fields in our society.
  • Impressive that the leadership philosophy and tool of Lots® supports so many leaders in so many fields and countries.
  • It is a great opportunity for us who use Lots® on a daily basis to share experiences. Even more time should be given to that.
  • Leadership is about individual, team and business or organization development. We would like to see more focus on the individual and team development processes.
  • It is so valuable to meet like this and we would like to meet at the Scandinavian Leadership Forum more often.

We promise that there will be even more frequent Scandinavian Leadership Forum and we will keep you updated via mail. You can also go to to learn more about what is going on and when new meetings are being planned. Below you will find links to interesting research reports and a short film from the Scandinavian Leadership Forum that took place in May.

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