Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“We create our and our children’s future, we and our ancestors created our present.”


I have talked about this in different ways in my earlier reflection letters. Now I need to reflect upon it again. Why? Because I find it hard to accept the provocation and so do many other people that I meet from all over the world. It seems so human to blame our problems on others and surrounding circumstances, instead of reflecting on my own role in my and our situation. This reflection letter is about self-reflection, about my own role in how things are in my and our world of today, privately as well as professionally.

Positive and negative self-fulfilling prophesies
All of us have a perception of life that we learned at an early age. We, of course, add to our perception as we grow. We become more conscious while at the same time we are molded by our younger years. This is both positive and negative depending on how conscious/unconscious and loveful/fearful our upbringing was.

We have learned to react in certain ways to situations and challenges in our world and now as adults we may be too dependent on what we learned instead of opening up to new possibilities that could enrich our private and professional life. Solidified patterns of thinking and behaving may enrich our and others lives or they may reduce our and others potential for an enriching private and professional life.

Where are you and I in this? To what extent do we allow our life to be steered by a positive or negative self-fulfilling prophesy? What dominated our life today and last year? How trapped are we in a negative self-fulfilling prophesy or how much do we get our energy from our positive self-fulfilling prophesy? Privately as well as professionally.

How do we think, feel and behave?
Let’s look at ourselves. How do we react regarding our global financial situation today? What happens within ourselves and within our organization? Do we think that things will go totally wrong or that this is a challenging start of something new? When we look at our global development during the last 1,000 years many of us will admit that we are living a pretty exciting and rich life thanks to what has been created by our ancestors and by ourselves. Yes, you may say and at the same time there are so many people that do not live that exciting and rich life. I agree, and how will we handle that? Will we have a negative or a positive self-fulfilling prophesy? How is our situation when we take it all the way down from our global situation to our personal situation?

How did we think, feel and behave when we woke up this morning? What was our prophesy for the day to come? To what extent was it positive or negative? How much were we looking forward to a wonderful new day in life or how much did we repeat a negative self-fulfilling prophesy? How much did we want our day to be dominated by life as such and all its opportunities or how negative were we thinking of all the bad things in life and in our relationships? Honestly, how did we think, feel and behave when we woke up this morning? Our answer to that question will create our private and professional future. I met with an Academy Award nominated director and he said that he expected each day to be a 10 out of 10 when he started that day. It didn’t always work out, but he was starting in the right way. We create our and our children’s future through the way we think, feel and behave. This is a fact that we have to accept even if we do not want to. It is so easy to blame others and outer circumstances.

Let’s participate in the creation of positive self-fulfilling prophesies
There are so many wonderful people that have taken the lead for positive self-fulfilling prophesies and we enjoy them as leaders in all fields of life. Let’s get inspired by them. This could be a loveful ”guru”, manager, life partner, child, friend, artist and many more. I myself have become so inspired by what my ancestors and my generation have done and are doing to us in Scandinavia and to our world and I try to make all of us aware of that. We have the right to criticize what they have done once we acknowledge what they have done to make our life so much better. We should all avoid only criticizing what others have done while taking their creativity and efforts for granted.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could move from the Darwinistic competitive approach to an approach of co-creation? This is not easy and at the same time it would be just great if all of us looked into that opportunity with at least one eye.