Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"We believe that there is a small Mother Teresa in each one of us. When we believe in our ability to contribute and to achieve, we will be able to influence others and also our results."

Falling into our Ego traps
The front pages of newspapers have been filled with news describing unethical behavior in a large number of companies both internationally and in Sweden. According to the way of thinking in Lots® this unethical behavior is rooted in fears, compensation ambitions and Ego traps.


We believe that we are all born loveful. During our life time we are not always met by love, and this brings us increasingly in contact with our fears. We all have fears that we try to deal with in one way or another. We may suppress them, hide them, run away from them, or project them on to others. We may compensate our fears with all sorts of ambitions. These are what we call compensation ambitions. If our fears dominate our life, our compensation ambitions may take us all the way into our Ego trap. By Ego trap, we mean that we are so stuck in coping with our fears that we cannot fully enjoy life and its possibilities. Being caught in our Ego traps is not good for our or others’ well-being. We may not know though how to get out of our Ego trap and come back in contact with our loveful side.

We need to be aware that it is easy to fall into a negative or an extreme Inside-out or Ego trapped approach to life. Why is this? Others challenge us in different ways. They may threaten us, make fun of us or manipulate us. Since we human beings basically want to be seen, loved and to belong, we react physically, mentally and emotionally to these challenges. Our fears that arise in these situations may easily lead to compensation ambitions and result in falling into our Ego trap. It is only human to end up there but as we develop our consciousness we can begin to see with greater clarity and begin to correct our behavior.

We may, if we are in the management of an organization, be fooled into thinking and even believe that we can understand so much more than others. Our Ego trap may lead us to ignore the experience and insights of others. We may even feel a certain false security in that. The risk is then that the people around us will give up on their own creativity and their own insights and beliefs. As a result, we will all lose out. Our Ego trap may also bring us to believe that we have the right to so much more than others because of our position in the organization and the power that we have. It is important to remember that we are part of a larger whole and that we need to think with a larger and more long-term perspective.

Our own harmony contributes to the creation of harmony around us. When we are out of balance and Ego trapped, we may not see this. We may even say, “What you just wrote is nonsense and out of touch with reality.” We are living in a competitive society and we have to fight for ourselves. Life is a struggle and we have to take care of ourselves. “My professional life is a way to make money to support myself and my family’s lifestyle and freedom.” Our answer is that things are not black or white. Yes, we are living in a competitive world, and we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our survival. At the same time, we are dependent on each other. We need to act in a loveful and empathic way towards the people in our surroundings, including those in coming generations. This will enable us to live a meaningful and happy private and professional life. We all have a responsibility for the general climate in our society.