Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"We are not in business to make money, but we need money when we are in business."

A lifelong development
We are born, we grow up, many of us start a family, and we surround ourselves with good friends. At the same time we make a career in our organizations and companies where we develop and get an income to live a good life outside of our professional life. Some of us, though, will get so caught up in making money that we believe that that is what life, our company or organization is all about. That is, of course, not the case. Our professional life is about our own and other´s development and being able to serve someone else as they address their own situation. Money becomes the result of our service to others. It is not, however, the reason for our service; our service is the reason for the money.

Money has become our common benchmark
Without money it is hard to live a good private and professional life. Money is what we easily base the rest of our life on. If we have money we can take lots of interesting and developing initiatives, and without money we can feel quite limited and also suffer from it. There is so much we want to do and without money it becomes difficult to do it. Money can become the solution to our problems. Money can even become a goal to us.

The earlier we develop a holistic view on life, the earlier we can take life and business promoting decisions

Doesn’t it feel good to know that we have a financial situation that enables us to do whatever we want for ourselves as well as for our loved ones? It is natural to think that way, and we need to respect that. At the same time we are all part of a whole and we are all interdependent. We are dependent on everyone on earth, dependent on those who have already lived and dependent on those who will take over when we are gone. This goes for our private as well as for our professional life.

Life is not about making a lot of money, but about self realization and the realization of my organization
When we are controlled by our ambition to make as much money as possible we will think more of ourselves than of the world we are a part of. This may lead us to understand our work as a way to make money so that we can live a good life later on. At the same time we know that we will spend a lot of time at work. This makes us understand the importance of our professional life as one part of our integrated life. Not something we do only to make money.


We are all a part of a whole
In the long run we have to give back as much as we take and vice versa. If we make a lot of money during one  period of time, we later have to repay in some way. If we have difficulties with our finances in spite of our engagement for family and colleagues we will one day get rewarded. Fairness, solidarity, the concern for others, and a holistic view of all that have lived, live today and will come to live on our planet is necessary if we want our world to develop in a good way for all of us.