Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"The deeper our childhood wounds, the higher up we come in organizations."

Meaning - a source of well-being
Meaning involves contributing to the well-being of others, at the same time as I do the things that contribute to my own self-realization.

Joy - heart, trust and community

Joy is heart, playfulness and spontaneity. Joy is knowing that I am OK as I am. Joy is also feeling good when I spend more time with myself and when I am together with others. It is also about feeling good when others experience well-being and success.

Financial success - a good financial situation with integrity
Financial success implies that my days are not occupied with financial concerns. Financial success means that I can live in a life-promoting way in both my private and my professional life. Financial success means that I can develop in a way that is good for me, for other human beings and even for animals and nature. Financial success is a matter of long-term sustainable development.

Leader as role model
Our world today is turbulent. We probably follow many bewildering events via the newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. We probably also discuss and comment on these events when we meet friends and colleagues. How about taking the time to stop and reflect over how we react to what is happening in the world around us. Do we become sad, angry, dejected or simply aggressive? What happens inside of us also gives us the chance to reflect over what sort of leaders we are and the type of leadership we want.

What characterizes a leader and leadership that stimulate us to take conscious steps towards increased Meaning, Joy and Financial Success?

The new generation of leaders includes both the outer and the inner journey to stimulate increased Meaning and Joy together with Financial Success

We will see a new generation of leaders. They will act more constructively and be both life and work promoting role models for us all. Already today we can, each and every one of us, choose to become a role model for others. What qualities or characteristics would you need to bring out in yourself to be a good role model? Unfortunately many of us react first when there is a crisis. We set out on our inner journey only when something traumatic happens in our surroundings or when our health fails us. Imagine how it would be if instead we could stimulate each other to work equally actively on our inner journey as we do on our outer journey before crisis hits us, both in our private and in our professional life.

Everybody sets out, and needs to set out, on the outer journey - we get an education, we begin to work, we gain further education, we change where we live and the car we drive, and we may build a family, we travel and experience new things, we may purchase a summer or winter holiday home, we develop ourselves in our work and we take more and more responsibility. We make a career. All of this is of course important if we and our society are to develop and progress, but at the same time we are reminded daily how easily we can get trapped by this outer journey and lose contact with life itself and with fellow human beings, i.e. our family, friends, customers, partners and people in other countries and cultures. In this way it is all too easy to focus on an Inside-out perspective in our daily life and end up in our Ego trap. We can end up not caring at all about other people. We end up in our Ego trap due to fears, but this is little consolation for us and others in our surroundings.

In order to develop our leadership we need to complement our outer journey with an inner journey. Our inner journey can be made in many different ways and is actually very personal. At the same time, we may choose to set out on this inner journey together with others in order to support and stimulate one another because our inner journey is founded on love and not on fear.