Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“Releasing our potential with a shared Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision.”

Many of us agree that it’s a gift to have the opportunity to live our life in our wonderful world. We can all relate to many wonderful moments at work, with the family and friends and in nature. Watching a good movie with great actors or reading a good book or listening to a live concert with a great artist also touches our Five Aspects. These are good moments and good memories. These moments at work or in our leisure time fill us with joy, and we look forward to many more enjoyable moments.


What we consider a great experience is personal and varies among individuals. We should enjoy listening to other people when they share what they have enjoyed and we should not evaluate what they consider great experiences. It’s beautiful when we and the people around us find great here and now moments and thereby good memories. We should share our own inspiration and listen with care and love to what other people share with us. This is easy to say and at the same time so hard to do. It is a matter of habit or solidified patterns of behavior.


I think that it starts with our personal vision or dream and to what extent we manage to live it. We can never fulfill a dream or a Vision … … … … … without having one. Your dream or Vision will lead you to many positive experiences and bring meaning to life. What is your dream or Vision? How aware are you of it?

When we and our organization define our Vision or dream we need to be aware of to what extent we are thinking Outside-in, with us caring about people and nature around. To get to an Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision we must include others and the world around us; not exclude others and focus only on ourselves and our organization. This will lead us to a Vision that we can proudly express to others because it will include them.


After many years in contact with people and organizations, my team and I have many examples of good Visions. At the same time we also see many self-centered Visions. We as human beings and as leaders and co-workers need to take a stand. What is our Vision and in what organization do we want to work? How do we want things to be in our world?


What is the Vision/dream of your organization where you work today? What Vision or dream would you like to work for? How much are you thinking Outside-in? How many of your Five Aspects are alive and alert?


Recently I watched a great program on TV, where a team of experts offered to participate in a project to increase the quality of life of old people that had to move to elderly care. The approach was a fantastic and promising Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision or dream – “The best home for elderly people and the best workplace”. I loved it and the people pursuing it.


Yes, I am aware of what is going on in Syria and other places today and that makes me sad and I realize my lack of power. Should I give up? No, I still want to promote that it all begins with an Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision or dream.


Feel free to contact me at and I will share with you many good examples of Visions, from eye surgery, diabetes care and individual nutrition for children to global investments for the good of us all. You may also have a Vision of your own that you would like to share with me.


Looking forward to hearing from you.