Reflection Letters


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Provacation of the month:

"Our age does not have to do with the year we were born, but rather with the degree of pain we feel when we are confronted with new ideas".

Curiosity and Creativity
Children are wonderful with their honest curiosity and willingness to learn and increase their understanding and awareness. Children use in a natural way the technique of open questions to learn more and to develop in a creative way. Playfulness and spontaneity are important ingredients in this creative process. Mimmi, 8 years, learned this week how to use the brakes on her inline skates and she became excited and looked so happy. How often do we get excited and look happy in our organizations

”Getting old”
One important characteristic of “getting old” is that we lose our curiosity. We stop asking open questions and we prefer things to be as they have always been. This could be dangerous as the world around us keeps changing as a result of others´ curiosity and creativity. If we do not take initiatives for change we may consciously or unconsciously phase out our business or operations.

Where are you in your company/organization?
There are so many examples of how curiosity and creativity have been and still are in focus in many organizations, companies, nations and regions. There are also many examples of the opposite and we can see organizations, nations and regions struggling with their results when curiosity and creativity is lacking.
There are 15 year old ”old” kids and there are 80 year old ”young” adults, when we use the definition in the provocation of the month.

Where are you in your team with your curiosity and creativity?
How much are you actively blocking initiatives for change?

Time for reflection
Take half an hour at your next management meeting and reflect upon the two questions above. I promise you that you will get good Return on Reflection (ROR).

Recommendation of the month
Read about curiosity and creativity in the book ”Good Return on Reflection”, especially Chapter two – Five Aspects.

You can order the book directly from my co-worker Desirée Lindh, phone number: +46(0)733 33 55 15, e-mail: