Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“Life is only about relations.”

Sustainable business and a sustainable society
We are all social beings and we need each other. We need to trust each other in order to build a sustainable society and sustainable business. That is what good leadership is about. Good leadership builds trustful and constructive relationships, trustful relationships with all our stakeholders, not only with shareholders or our loved one. They are so important to us and at the same time they are not enough. We belong to a much bigger system.

A long term perspective
We all need to be aware of that we all belong to a much bigger system than we once thought. We are all interdependent and we need to find new co-creative ways to support each other for the well-being of us all. We also need to realize that we should be searching for solutions that do not harm others. We need a long term perspective even if our creativity and actions may lead to short term unhappiness or frustration for others. We need to know and be convinced about that our initiatives will be good for everyone in the long run. If we harm people without having long term good intentions we will one day suffer for it.

Courage with a vision
Combining Outside-in thinking with Inside-out thinking sounds very natural and logical. A crisis arises when I feel threatened. We all become Inside-out when we experience fear in our lives, privately and/or professionally. It is human! But if we truly believe that we are all One we come to realize that long term harmony comes from a balanced way of thinking and acting both Outside-in and Inside-out. How can we live a good life without a clear vision for how we would like our world to be, and when we have a clear vision do we have the courage to contribute to our vision? My conclusion is that we will not be able to contribute to make our world a little bit better without having a clear vision and a lot of self confidence and guts. We can never fulfill a dream without having one.

Who are my customers and my stakeholders?
We will all benefit from reflecting on and identifying the customers and stakeholders in our system. That goes for our private as well as our professional life. I strongly recommend all of us to spend some time for reflection and identify “Who are our customers and stakeholders and what do they expect from us and the system?” I can promise that the more we reflect the more we will realize that our network is much larger than we thought. We are all interconnected, we are all One.

Draw a circle and divide it into parts representing how much time you spend with yourself and with others and reflect upon how happy you are with the way you spend your time and with each relationship. This is a beginning to take conscious steps for a better private life and/ or a better professional life.

Giving up on our relationships
Living on this earth is a challenge and many times we try to make up for what is deficient in our well-being with high ambitions. We want to succeed and to be seen. Then our Inside-out way of thinking will dominate our life. “Only if or only when I achieve this ambition will I be happy.” Ambitions can be both good and bad. They become bad when we give up on our relationships.

We forget that we, in the long run, are One. One day someone will have to suffer for this, which means that we do not really care for the coming generations. We all know that we do not want to spend time with someone who is only occupied by him- or herself.

Loveful energy
I wish we could all believe in and live with a loveful approach to life and business. We are constantly being challenged by short term, ego driven ambitions from ourselves and from others. Some people have though, over the centuries, stood up for a loveful approach to life as a “guide” for us. The more of us that do the same, the better our society will become. To give up on a loveful approach in our private and professional life is also a choice.