Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

”Leaders have so much to learn from cows in Switzerland”

How can I say that?
Let me tell you why. I spent last week with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend Dani, hiking in the area of St Moritz, Switzerland. Sara, Dani and the cows live there. I was a visiting leadership specialist.

There are cows all over
Yes, they are all over the Alps and high up where there is still snow in August. So what can we learn from the cows in Switzerland, regarding our role as a leader?

The cows are so much here and now
They are focused on what they do and it is difficult to distract them. Try it next time you see some cows: call out ”Moo” to them and see how they react. Some of them can become aggressive and then the farmer will ”trim their horns” so they will not hurt us. So if you meet a cow without horns you will know that they are the most aggressive ones.

Why the bell?
All cows in the Alps have a big bell around their neck. Do you know why? I did not. Now I know. The bell is to keep the cows awake so that they will keep eating. When they keep eating they will grow quicker and produce more milk. The bell has made the cows even more profitable to the farmers.

So what can we, as leaders, learn from the Swiss cows and my trip to Switzerland?

1. Spend time with your children and friends and have fun.
2. Exercise so that you can get all the way up to where the Swiss cows are in the summertime.
3. Learn from them how to focus on the most important things and to stay focused. Do not let the surroundings disturb you too much once you have found your focus.
4. Discover what stimulates growth in your situation. What is your ”bell”?
5. Do not become too serious. We should not forget our humor and the way to have fun. Cows are fun!
6. Reflect on what happens within you when you read this reflection letter.

All the best until next time

Hans Akerblom

PS. People say that the cows walk up the hill in order to be able to sit down on their backside and wait for the moment to slide down when no one can see them. That is not true. This is just a myth. Or maybe not!

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Recommendation of the month
Go to You tube and meet the Swiss cows on