Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

It is so difficult to find the balance between what is good for everyone and what is good for myself!

The whole
We may agree that we are all a part of the whole. It is a matter of how we see our own life. We may, on the one hand, see that we are all interdependent and that we are all a part of the whole. We may also see ourselves as individuals trying to maximize our own individual outcome. This will, of course, change from day to day. We are always being challenged by changing circumstance and how we respond to the change will lead to either Ego traps or to being here and now and experience the strengths of belonging. Intellectually we all recognize this.


We react according to the external environment of the people around us also. What happens within us when we have supporting people around us and what happens when we have critical people around us? Supporting people lead us to feeling connected and belonging. Critical people can make us defensive and excluding.


Some of us are very emotional and we live as a yoyo and we go from happiness to sorrow in seconds. Others are more mental and do not allow the surroundings to influence our emotional reactions. How do you react to changing circumstances and other’s critiques?


When we move from being a child to an adult we may need to take on a leadership role, perhaps as a parent or as a manager at work. How do we then cope with our emotions?


Projections and/or taking responsibility
When we feel okay and enjoy life we are generous to those around us. When we feel out of balance we get stressed and try different ways to blame our problems on others. Sometimes this is true and sometimes not. How aware are we about our projections onto others and how relevant are they? What role do I myself play in this "game"? The easiest way might be to blame my own shortcomings on others? The most difficult thing is to reflect on my own behavior and its consequences for my surroundings. How did I get into this situation and how much of this is my responsibility?


What can we do?
The first thing we can do is to reflect upon how I am contributing to the whole as a member of our team. Our team may be our family, friends and with those in our work place. "In what way did I contribute to our team today?"


Let us reflect upon the constructive or destructive contribution I gave my team lately. What did I say or what did I do did? How constructive was it? How much was I a team member and how much did I act out of my own Ego trap to better my own situation at a cost to the team?


Welcome to share your reflections – to me directly or to us all on facebook.
All the best

Hans Akerblom
Founder of Lots®
CEO of Scandinavian Leadership
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Recommendation of the month:
"The real reason for investing in our space programs was to make it possible to see ourselves from the outside leading to a cognitive shift allowing us to enjoy who we are and make good decisions for the future."