Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“It is profitable to reflect."

We are living in stressful times
Twenty-four hours a day does not seem to be enough. High ambitions and many obligations have a tendency to put us under stress. Accessibility 24/7 makes it difficult to take time for structured reflections. Without time for reflections we will end up in a private or professional situation where we are just busy, without knowing if we are doing the right things. We just know that we are very busy and sometimes we get stressed and even confused. We may even lack meaning and joy in our lives.

The beauty of taking time for reflections
The other day a colleague and I facilitated structured reflections on an international issue. The people that participated had high ambitions. It was hard for them to devote one whole day for structured reflections because they all were so busy. After one day (out of three hundred and sixty five) they said: “We feel so relieved. Now we know why we are doing things and we have a plan for it that takes so much stress away from us.” This is such a common comment from people taking the time for structured reflections. We have also over the years experienced how difficult it is for people to devote time for reflections, both privately and professionally. Why is that and what can we do about it?

Why do we not take our time for structured reflections?
We are living in a world with so much change, so many possibilities. There are so many alternatives and so many impressions that it is very difficult to live up to or cope with them all. This is at the bottom line all about our own ambitions. We will not succeed in our private or professional lives by blaming others. We need to take our own responsibility and make time for structured reflections.

Not making time for reflections will sooner or later strike back at us. Our body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit  and the interplay between them will lead to imbalances.

How can we make time for reflections?
It is about our own decisions or our own choice. To what extent do we truly believe that our private and professional reflections will lead to new opportunities and to a better life or to a great life?

With forty years of experience, we know that people have taken new and positive steps after having devoted time for structured reflections. The choice is ours. We can always make time for reflections and thereby take life and business promoting steps. Will we take the time for structured reflections now or will we postpone it because we do not have the time?