Reflection Letters


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Provacation of the month:

”It is all about energies.”

Everything around us is energy, colors that you see, thoughts that you think, the touch from a loved one, sounds that you hear and so on. Music i.e. is more important than we may understand. Music is pure energy. We listen to it and it has an effect on us. Music makes us remember with joy or sadness and it fills us with energy. If it is new it can open us up to new opportunities. Music is personal and it relates to our past and our personality. This means, of course, that it also affects us as leaders in an organization. We all have our personal energy level and energies that we relate to in different ways. The energy of music connects us and gives us meaning, it helps us to be spontaneous and playful. It touches our emotions.

We communicate in terms of energy with all of our Five Aspects: Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Music is a very important part of this. Some of us get excited by Mozart or jazz and others get irritated. Some of us get excited by the Rolling Stones and Journey and others not. Music is energy that affects us based on personality and memories.

We all need to be aware of this and bring ourselves music that we need at a certain moment. At the same time we need to understand that ”our” music may not be what our colleagues need right now. Music is a delicate matter. At one meeting the leader wanted to energize the group by opening it with ”Eye of the Tiger” at 8:30 in the morning. The older members of the group almost walked out. It was not the right energy for them at this hour.

I am very grateful to all composers, because they have opened up to me the possibility to balance my energies with music. When I am sad I can listen to BB King. When I am full of energy or need energy I can listen to John Fogerty and add even more energy. Music is a great resource to add to the qualities of my Five Aspects. At the same time we need to realize that we are all on our individual journey every day and our music has to be personal for the moment and sometimes for the long term.

We may share the same music, but that cannot be forced as the energy of music is such a strong part of our personality and history. The sharing of a common music tradition builds a culture. Most religions use music to transcend the moment and build their traditions which passed down through generations. It creates a common bond. The hymns, chants or mantras help people escape the problems of the present and connect with the spiritual. How do we then choose the right music when we invite friends to our home or guests to our hotel? We are many times Inside-out when we choose the music. How can we become more Outside-in?

Twenty years from now we will know so much more about energies and how everything is about energy. Let's  begin by learning more about the sound and music as one energy source that has an effect on us. How has music influenced our life so far and what effect does it have on our everyday life?