Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“In our everyday life we need to include rather than exclude.”

Leadership times
Each generation has its own view of leadership and each generation has its own way of relating to leadership. We are all, in part, a result of the culture we live in. Some of us want to challenge our existing culture and we are perceived as a provocation on the existing, established ways of living our lives. This provocation is challenging our existing society and provocateurs will be castigated. No one though, can stop the provocateurs once they have made their voices heard.

Hegel said: Every thesis will be challenged by an antithesis. The antithesis will, however, be challenged by the thesis and the resulting synthesis will become a new thesis, which of course will be challenged by a new antithesis. Life will go on for as long as we and coming generations will live. We need to get used to and accept this. Life is a never ending story of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

This is actually life. Some of us are more linked to the thesis and some of us are creating a new antithesis and we will always challenge each other. To what extent do we perceive this as a part of life or do we come to hate each other? We may come to believe that we have the truth and stop listening to others, if we support the thesis or the antithesis.

What is the driving force behind our fighting for our thesis or our antithesis?
We are all human beings living on earth. What are we fighting about? Are we fighting because we are enemies? Yes, of course, when we are fighting for resources or love, we can perceive each other as enemies. In the long run that is not true. We are all One and when we fight each other we are fighting ourselves. Definitely in the long run. It seems so human to fight each other and at the same time nothing positive has come out of it. This fighting has always led to excluding each other and never to including each other. Some of us who are fighting have felt included, but in the long run we or coming generations will experience exclusion and more fighting.

Including is so much better than excluding

We are living in the present and we need to learn from our past. We are all One and when we abuse each other we will one day or another have to pay back. Five hundred years ago Asia was a prosperous society. The promise of gold and silver from America led to new exploration and trade between Europe and America. Europe and America took the initiative. Asia is learning the lessons of trade and capitalism and five hundred years later is in the ascendency. America and Europe will find themselves suffering and a new Asian era will start. This is what will happen if we are fighting each other instead of working together.

We are all One on our earth
One day we will all learn that we are all One. We need to cooperate and support each other. Even if we have been fighting over the centuries we need to understand that cooperation will allow all human beings to live a good life and have the possibility to release their own potential. There are so many people working for this possibility and this reflection letter has only one ambition: to support all of us to include rather than exclude. To include means to have the other one become part of us. We all have the right to live a good life and release our potential independently of where we were born or how we live.

We can take a stand every day
How do we think and act in our everyday life? It is so easy to exclude when we are full of fears or greed. That is why we need to make ourselves aware of the fact that we actively contribute to excluding others when we are on our own or when we meet with colleagues or family and friends. How much do we talk in negative terms of others and how much do we think and talk in terms of including? We all make our choices for including or excluding. Excluding will in the long run make us smaller and less happy, maybe not in the short run, but definitely in the long run.

Let us take steps towards including, and break old trends that always have lead to hostility and fighting. Let us all see our world as the first astronauts did - a beautiful place with so many possibilities and lots of love.