Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"I can never fulfill a dream or vision without having one"

How do I want things to be in our world?
This is the question that we all need to reflect upon at the same time as we continuously develop our consciousness about how our world looks today and why. The answers to the question we will find within our true self.

What kind of world do I want to live in? How do I want things to be in our world? How do I want to make our world a little bit better for myself, others and coming generations? This is about taking a stand. We can all make a difference. There are so many good examples of people who have committed themselves to contribute in a good way to a dream or a vision for a better world. To what extent do I want to be one of them? We could be one of them locally with our family and friends or we could expand our positive circles outside of our closest relationships. The answers to these questions are about our perceived possibilities and our inner longings of doing good in our world while being here for some 80 years.

What hinders us from being curious about how our world looks today and relate it to our true self? Our fears of course. Fear of not having food for the day, fear of diseases, fear brought on by guilt, fear of not being noticed, fear of not belonging, fear of not succeeding and maybe the fear of fear itself that arises when we see the world of today . When we develop a dream or vision based on our fears and compensation ambitions we will end up with an Inside-out answer with ourselves in focus. Then we head into a trap where “Only if … will I be happy/belong/exist”, as the famous psychologist Alfred Adler phrased it. Some people see life as a struggle or a competition and want to win/survive. This will also be the way they act once they are in an organization. Their life will be permeated by the assumption that life is about competition and that will also permeate their dreams and visions.

Assume we do not have to compete
This is of course a paradigm shift. There are enough resources for all of us to live a good life and to give the best to our children and the next generation. There is so much knowledge and so many creative people in our world today that we could take initiatives that will be good for all of us in the long run. We could build a sustainable society together. This is so easy to say and yet so difficult to implement. Why? We do not share common values. Common values such as we are all One and we are all interdependent and all change starts with myself. If we truly shared these values we would think and act in a different way.


Why can we not share common values?
Religion has tried to create common values over the years and they have not always been in line with the values that we are all One and that we are all interdependent and that all change starts with myself. Different religions have rather competed for the truth. In order to reach the next level, we need to realize that life is not about competition and a power struggle. It is about developing a co-creative culture among all of us. If competition and war were the solution to the well-being of mankind, we would already now have peace on earth.

Love and Fear
The daily struggle between love and fear is for real. We need to understand and accept that. Our life is a continuous balancing act between our loveful and fearful side. It is human, very human. “I love you” – “I am afraid of losing you”. This switch between our loveful mode and our fearful mode happens within seconds. How can we live with this insecurity? Many of us cannot without creating our compensation ambitions: “Only if … will I be happy/belong/exist.

The solution is to surrender instead of struggling. Surrender to and trust that we, in the long run, are all One and that we are all interdependent and that all change starts with myself. Let us all release ourselves from our dogmas of the past. Let us do it in a pace that we feel comfortable with. In the long run we will all surrender to our common values: We are all One and we are all interdependent and all change starts with myself.

There are so many people with courage that have already shown us this route and we should all show them respect and follow them. Not because of what they said or did. We should do it after having listened to our own heart and ourselves.

My dream or vision
“How do I want things to be in our world?” We need to take our personal stand. What is your dream or vision?