Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“Change is natural and necessary.”

Our world keeps changing and we ourselves keep changing consciously and unconsciously. This reflection letter is more about our conscious change.

Conscious change is to me when we take actions as a result of how we see our world developing, i.e. climate change, financial turbulence, bonus and premium systems, new values and behaviors from the younger generation, new innovations, new customer values and expectations.

Conscious change is also when we change for our own wellbeing as individuals and as a team. We ask ourselves questions such as ”How life and business promoting is my and our way of thinking and behaving?”, “What can I and we consciously change in order to improve the quality of our private and professional lives?” Let me share with you a couple of good examples of change that have impressed me.

A woman I know was unhappy with her career development and future prospects. She decided to totally change her profession and became a television producer. Twenty years later she is one of the most successful television producers in her country.

A pharmaceutical company wanted to move from developing drugs through chemical means to using biological and biotechnology processes. That led to the company totally revolutionizing eye surgery throughout the world and became the first Scandinavian company on the stock exchange in New York.

Japanese and South Korean car companies anticipated that customers were going to ask for greater quality in the automobiles during the years to come. Their change from cheap cars of low quality to inexpensive cars of high quality is also impressive. There are of course an endless number of examples of constructive, conscious change both on an individual as well as on a team level.

Conscious change is natural and necessary. What conscious change can you and I make during the months to come? Let’s reflect and decide on one life and one business promoting conscious change.