Reflection Letters


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Provacation of the month:

“Blaming others comes naturally”

We all have dreams and longings. We also have our problems and challenges that drain us of energy. This is natural and a part of our private and professional life.

It can be quite frustrating and depressing not being able to fulfill our dreams and longings, as well as being exhausted by problems and challenges. It is easy to give up, isolate ourselves or blame others when we are frustrated, depressed or exhausted. We may even be totally convinced that we have the right to think and act accordingly.

Let´s take a few minutes to reflect upon the following questions, aimed at putting myself into the driver’s seat on my private and professional life:

• How do I feel right now in my private and professional life?

• What problems and challenges do I have in my private and professional life right now?

• What has been my role in ending up with these problems/challenges?

• What can and will I change to better cope with my perceived problems/challenges and hope fully turn them into opportunities?

• How do I think that my initiatives for change will constructively contribute to my private and professional relationships?