Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

"All of us end up in our ego traps"

An inspiring vision

We know that we can achieve so much more when we work together with an inspiring vision for a better world, and with common goals. Despite that insight, we all end up in personal and professional situations where our compensation ambitions take over from what is best for all of us together in the short and the long run. Why is that? How can we avoid it? Do we want to avoid it? As leaders and members of management teams we need to be aware of and reflect upon this, and be true to our conclusions. 


No one says it out loud

I meet with leaders and management teams in all kinds of organizations all over the world, and no one says that they have a hidden agenda and that they want to maximize their own personal short and long term outcome even if it is bad for the whole organization, our customers and stakeholders. In spite of that, it is not unusual to see the actions which reveal the hidden agenda. 


Why so negative

Why does a person hold on to last years budget allocations even if it would be better for the whole organization to reallocate resources? Why do people talk behind another person’s back instead of talking directly to the person with whom she or he has a problem? Why have the dictators of modern times acted the way they have even if it has not been good for all of the people in the country or region? Why are some people afraid to state their opinion in public, in the organization or in the country? 


Conscious and free

Over the years I have learned that people who are conscious are free and have both self-assurance and self-confidence. They also devote themselves more easily to what is best for us all. They are not occupied with self-criticism. People who are immersed in self-criticism and in their Ego trap will one day project this onto other people. These projections will then develop into compensation ambitions, ”Only if/when ………..will I be happy”. What will happen after the person, who is in his/her Ego trap, has achieved his/her compensation ambition? A new compensation ambition is the likely outcome. 


A common vision and common goals

So how should we as leaders and team members develop ourselves and our consciousness in order to be able to contribute in a loveful way to a common vision and common goals? We can reflect on who we are here for (our customer) and what other individuals and organizations (stakeholders) that we depend on to do a good job for our customers. 


In a workshop last week we reflected and processed a caring vision and common goals for this business. According to the verbal and written follow-up they were all very satisfied and inspired. My experience, however, is that the quality of their future work for their great vision and common goals is dependent upon to what extent fears and compensation ambitions will steer them, or to what extent love, meaning, hope and conectedness in the organization will dominate. 

These qualities are present in every organization, and within Scandinavian Leadership we would like to contribute to loveful ambitions and thereby minimize the presence of compensation ambitions. 


Recommendation of the month

I recommend this video to all of you. Watch it several times. Why? It is really valuable for us as leaders and team members. There are many insights which makes it necessary to see it again and again to appreciate them all.