Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

”All change starts with ourselves”


This is so true and yet we want to blame others or certain conditions from our past when we are not happy or not in control. We are full of projections when things do not go our way. At the same time we made many decisions, both good and bad, that have led to where we are today. Giving ourselves credit for our good decisions seems to be a matter of fact, and it seems to be a survival reaction to blame others for our personal disappointments.


We need to learn from our mistakes in order to make better decisions and thereby protect ourselves from making bad decisions. That is why all change starts with ourselves. Life is and should be a continuous learning and course correcting process. (Maybe that is the real reason why we are here for some years;)


Life may be wonderful and these reflections may seem totally irrelevant to us. At the same time we all know that life is like a roller coaster ride and that we all benefit when we learn from it. “What insights have we gained?”


My reflection letters to you over the last 10 years have been about my own and your reflections. The core is in Scandinavia and at the same time we are now more than 11,000 people reflecting together - all over the world. We have similar dreams even though we have different conditions. We look different and we have grown up in different cultures. In our hearts we are the same though. When we meet, above gender, culture, religion and fear, we are all the same.


What projections should we stop and what should we learn in order to protect ourselves and make better decisions for our future? When is selfreflection/introspection beneficial to us?


Please leave your reflections on Facebook ScandinavianLeadership or directly to me on or phone me on +46 705 13 66 02.


All the best!



(Sweden won two relay competitions at the Olympic games last week. We congratulate the teams and we notice projections from bad losers. Maybe it would have been more beneficial for them to devote some time to selfreflection/introspection.)