Reflection Letters


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Provocation of the month:

“All change starts with myself.

We see a lot of need for change and development in our world, at our work place and in our close surroundings. We realize that something is wrong when so many people starve and children die due to economic and political systems. We realize that something is wrong when board members and management members earn unbelievable sums of money while many people in the organization lack meaning and joy. We realize that something is wrong when so many young people consider suicide or to become criminals in our society of today.



It can be frustrating for us to see and hear about this and we may go in one of two directions. We can decide to contribute in a good way to make our world a little better for everyone or we could decide to shut ourselves out from what is going on and reduce our scope to our own personal success and safety. The second alternative is what I call our Ego trap in the Five Aspects model. It is human to end up in our Ego trap now and then, however, at the same time we need to learn to know when and why we end up there and what we can do to get out of that totally dual sphere. By dual sphere I mean that we see each other separated without understanding how interconnected we are in the long run.

We end up in our Ego trap as a result of thinking “Only if or only when … will I be happy” and we may have totally forgotten the here and now. We have lost our appreciation of being manifested here for some 80 years and we don’t realize that we are all One and that we are all interdependent. It is human to forget this from time to time when we end up in difficult and challenging situations. At the same time we need to reflect if our life has become a life of compensation ambitions and Ego traps. There is no way we can live a good life for ourselves, each other and coming generations being full of compensation ambitions and Ego traps. That is why all change has to start with myself.

Discipline, Motivation and Focus
The only person I can change is myself. I see the purpose of life to be a journey of consciousness development where I can take new life and organizational initiatives that are good for myself so that I, together with others, can contribute to the fullest potential of myself, other people and coming generations. I cannot change others. I can only change myself. This is not always easy and at the same time so rewarding when we succeed.

I listened the other day to a Norwegian woman who had gotten a phone call when she was studying in New York and preparing to return the next day to Oslo for the Christmas Holidays. She was excited to be going home to her boyfriend and relatives again. The phone call, though, was to tell her that her boyfriend had been shot outside a restaurant in Oslo.

Fourteen years later she is a well respected sculpture artist and there were three reasons why she survived she said: Discipline, Motivation and Focus. Maybe that is what we all need in order to develop ourselves and become an even better support to other people and coming generations.

We are all One
We are, particularly in the long run, One and interdependent, and we all need to live in such a way that we, proudly, can tell our grandchildren about what we have done or contributed to in our life.