Jun 13 2014

Scandinavian Leadership Forum

Facilitators in LOTS® gathered at the World Trade Center in Stockholm to hear Jesper Ek, Managing Director of Roche Diabetes Care and Sebastian Siemiatkowski, founder and CEO of Klarna present how LOTS® helps them become more successful in developing their business.

The facilitators also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ways of supporting their leaders. This program is part of a continuing series supported by Scandinavian Leadership.

Jun 12 2014

Certified Facilitators keep on developing

Facilitators certified in LOTS® are continually developing their skills and knowledge in the application of LOTS®.  A group of participants spent three days in Berlin, Germany to learn new Reflection tools, review their facilitation skills and receive feedback from senior facilitators in LOTS®.  These development days are offered to all previously trained facilitators so they can stay at the top of their game.  Check with Maritza Adam ( to enroll in upcoming development days in Swedish or English.

May 22 2014

Making the world a better place

Forum Syd, a Swedish non-governmental member organization working with people and people's rights, believes that only when people’s rights are being recognized will sustainable and long-term development take place. The work is conducted in co-operation with partner organizations in the local community to reach out to the population.

Anna Albinsson, manager of HR and Administration at headquarters in Stockholm, recently went to Forum Syd’s Cambodia office together with her colleague Maarit Gustavsson, to help them plan their work on location.

- “We feel that we have great use of our knowledge in LOTS®. We use it for every level in our organization and in March we had our very first planning session abroad, in Cambodia. Planning sessions with the remaining offices in Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Belarus/Lithuania will follow shortly.”

Planning with people with different cultural background can be a challenge. However, the employees at Forum Syd in Cambodia, about 18 people, achieved a really good understanding of the process and all their current goals, activities etc. came together in one clear and very logical plan that follow the same structure as in the rest of the organization.

Before the planning session Anna Albinsson checked the participants’ expectations and their engagement level. After the three planning days they followed up on how the planning session had met their expectations and how much they felt that they had been engaged.
- “It is a very good way of making everyone feel the responsibility to contribute”, says Anna Albinsson.

Forum Syd, partner organizations in Cambodia and people’s involvement have led to one very concrete goal - more than a hundred families have finally been given the legal right to own and to use the land they have lived on for generations.

Please read more about Forum Syd’s achievements on

Apr 2 2014

Inspiration and Exchanging Experiences

As facilitators knowing LOTS®, we sometimes feel the need to meet and discuss situations and concepts with other facilitators. Therefore, we invite you to another Scandinavian Leadership Forum for inspiration and exchange of experiences.

The forum will take place at the World Trade Center in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 10 from 10:00 to 16:00 with an opportunity for networking afterward.  The program will be presented for facilitators speaking Scandinavian. Further down you will see the program for the day. Take the opportunity to meet with facilitators from other organizations and learn from them.




Mar 26 2014

International Certification Program in LOTS®

A certification program in LOTS® was recently held with participants and leaders from around the world. The people came from Australia, Germany, Oman, Belgium, Norway, and the United States.

They will be supporting leaders in large and small organizations. Some in for profit enterprises and other in not for profit organizations.

The session was held in a small village outside Oslo, Norway to allow concentration on the program and also to be in touch with nature to develop the participants’ sense of their Five Aspects.

The participants were certified by our senior facilitators John Dunnigan and Torge Øverli.

Click on the links to the video comments of the participants of what it means to them and their organizations to be certified in LOTS® .

Geir Carlsen, Siemens Energy Oil & Gas

Joseph Thampan, Al Adrak LLc, Oman

Luis Manuel Pinto, Universal Education Foundation

Robert Schmiel, Scandic Hotels, Berlin

Julia Wolfson, Turning Forward

Nataniel Wolfson, Vidaraasen Village Norway

Feb 11 2014

Leader Development through Certification in LOTS®

Three emerging leaders in their companies recently completed the certification process in LOTS®. These people chosen by their leaders as having high potential for the future completed the first stage of a continuing development program.

Jacob Ahlsson, Marketing Manager of Roche Diabetes Care of Sweden says that “LOTS® will be a good aid for me and my team.”

Li Lindfors Skoog, Sales Manager of Roche Diabetes Care of Sweden is looking forward to using her advanced knowledge of how to apply LOTS® in supporting the insulin dependent person to live as an unrestricted life as possible.

Georg Rydbeck is the strategic planning manager at Klarna, which is moving fast with their ambition of simple and safe payments, globally. He sees that LOTS® will be a good aid for him and his team in many different situations.

John Dunnigan, facilitator from Scandinavian Leadership says "A fantastic team with an enormous willingness to learn. I know they will be very successful in their role as a facilitator in LOTS®.