Feb 4 2016

Hertz Equipment Rental reaches next stage with LOTS®

Hertz Equipment Rental, a division of Hertz Global, is preparing to spin off as an independent public company. The CEO, Larry Silber, is using LOTS® to lay out their plan and develop the leadership team. The target date for launch is by the end of June.

Feb 2 2016

Developing our leadership and contribute to growth and economical success in our organization

In January managers from Visma Collectors AS in Norway were certified in LOTS®. They all had previous experience with LOTS® and were looking forward to being certified so that their organization and themselves as leaders could benefit even more from this leadership tool.

The team from Visma Collectors AS all feel inspired after the certification program and are looking forward to getting started.

Visma Collectors AS will this spring decide upon how they will secure growth and economical success in the years to come and the newly certified facilitators will play an important role in this work. The process starts in the top management and then the different responsibility areas will continue to reflect upon how they will secure implementation of the decided upon strategy.  

Visma Collectors AS covers the entire collection process and delivers services like invoice production and mailing, payment tracking, legal collection, monitoring and counselling. Visma Collectors AS is part of the Visma Group that has 6,700 employees.

Nov 20 2015

Leaders from Scandic Hotels Germany certified in LOTS®

Leaders from Scandic Hotels in Germany attended a Certification program in Uppsala, Sweden, in November. They wanted to learn more about LOTS® to be able to implement the tool on a professional and personal level, on issues large or small.It is good for me to get to grips with my tendency to do ten things at the same time or getting side tracked and time pressured, one participant said.

Hans Akerblom facilitated an intense five days and there is a lot of knowledge to take in in such a short time frame. LOTS® is being learnt by applying the tool on the participants real life issues. Several issues were processed during the five days and this made the participants see the value of LOTS®. They also appreciated the experience and knowledge of the facilitator. He inspired.

Nov 17 2015

LOTS® for hospitality management

Beatrice Huschka, Master of Science in Management & International Master in Hospitality Management, has been trained in LOTS® with Hans Akerblom for two days in Uppsala. Beatrice Huschka comes from Germany and her father, Alexander Huschka, is already certified in LOTS®. Together they focus on the hotel business.

Oct 28 2015

A vision to face new challenges

The Reverend Hans Boeryd and his team from the Swedish Church in Jönköping, Sweden, are taking part in a four-day workshop where they reflect on how to develop themselves and what they do. Hans Akerblom is running the workshop and the theme is the new challenges for the Swedish Church. Of course the discussions focus on the important pillars of Vision, Purpose and Values.

The feedback so far: “We did not know what to expect and we realized that this process is really valuable”.

Oct 22 2015

Certifications in Denmark

Per Byberg Petersen, Maja Klit Lindegaard, Marcel Schouv and Morten Hove have been certified in LOTS® by Hans Akerblom during a 9 day program in Copenhagen, Denmark. They see being certified as a Lotscoach® as a good thing for their personal and professional development. They especially found it valuable to practice the process of LOTS® in the full group.

Oct 15 2015

Klarna uses LOTS® to handle rapid growth

Josefine Willers, Corporate Development at Klarna, where the whole strategic planning team are certified in LOTS®, has during six days been trained and certified in LOTS® by Hans Akerblom. Klarna is a Sweden-based e-commerce company that provides payment services for online storefronts.
Erik Hylén, team leader, strategic planning at Klarna, joined Josefine Willers for a couple of days for an update on the 19th version of LOTS® to make sure he stays in the forefront and updated on the process.

– We had many interesting discussions, says Hans Akerblom. Klarna is a company that is growing very fast and with Josefine Willers the discussion was focused on how the common language and tool of LOTS® will support this rapid development.

For Erik Hylén the focus was on the business planning process for the growth of Klarna in the US.

Oct 6 2015

LOTS® in the Netherlands

During a six-day programme in Uppsala, Sweden, Bob van Pareren has been certified in LOTS® by Hans Akerblom. Bob van Peeren will offer LOTS® in the Netherlands, where he lives and works.

Aug 31 2015

Developing our organization

Anders Daniels, Christina Hansson and Lena Lilja-Svanberg from Huge Fastigheter AB attended a certification program in LOTS® in August, and can now call themselves facilitators in LOTS® and Lotscoach®. The facilitator from Scandinavian Leadership this time was Carl Filip Bergendal.

- We had a really inspiring and developing time together and we are certain that LOTS® will help us develop our organization and business.

Feb 19 2015

New Facilitators 2015

Malin Thulin, Frida Roswall, Henrik Dubois and Niklas Hjelmsater attended a certification program in LOTS® late January and early February this year.  After the first 6 intensive days they got their certification and can now call themselves facilitators in LOTS® or Lotscoach®.

In May they will follow up with the remaining 3 days of the program to exchange experiences and fine tune their skills in facilitation. The facilitator from Scandinavian Leadership this time was Hans Akerblom.

Some comments from the participants after the first part of the program:

- Attending this program has really exceeded my expectations, which from the beginning were already high. The other participants and the facilitator were all very dedicated.

- A versatile tool to be used not only professionally, but also for private issues.  And it’s timeless.