Nov 30 2016

Betydelsefull utveckling för Econova med LOTS®

– Tänk vad fem dagar tillsammans kan göra för perspektivet. Detta kommer att betyda mycket för vårt företag, vårt team och för oss som individer, säger VD på Econova Johan Rydberg.
Ledningsgruppen har reflekterat med hjälp av Hans Åkerblom, som både utmanat och inspirerat dem, vilket har resulterat i att de fått en samsyn, en ökad tydlighet samt många nya idéer. De känner att de har ökat sin kompetens och känslan av samhörighet och ser fram emot att fortsätta på sin resa.

Sep 30 2016

For our Scandinavian speaking coaches: Nu är det dags för Utvecklingsdagar i LOTS® igen

Den 25 och 29 november träffas vi som certifieratsi LOTS® igen. Du är välkommen att delta en eller båda dagarna, och vi träffas i Uppsala.

Vi utvecklar våra kunskaper och färdigheter som certifierade i LOTS®/Lotscoach®. Vi lär av varandra, och lär känna andra från nätverket som är aktiva med LOTS®. Nya reflektionsverktyg/mallar kommer att introduceras och som deltagare har du möjlighet att påverka innehållet. Hans Åkerblom håller i programmet.

För er som betalar årsavgift ingår Utvecklingsdagarna, och för övriga är kostnaden Kr. 2.900 för båda dagarna och för deltagande endast en dag Kr. 1.900, exkl. moms.

Anmälan görs till senast den 31 oktober.

Om du har en kollega som inte har nåtts av inbjudan är du välkommen att vidarebefordra detta meddelande. Förutsättningen är att kollegan är certifierad i LOTS®.

Sep 28 2016

HERC Rentals plan ahead with LOTS®

HERC Rentals has recently separated from Hertz Rent a Car as an independent public company on the New York Stock Exchange.

The expanded senior leadership team gathered to update their reflections and decisions based on their new situation. The two day updating session is part of CEO Larry Silber's leadership to keep their planning and view of their situation up to date.

Sep 23 2016

Development days in Uppsala

The network of people certified as Lotscoach® met on September 19 and 21 in Uppsala to exchange experiences, learn more on the new version of LOTS® and have some practical training. Some attended both days and some attended one day.

After the checking-in they all shared their expectations. Here are some of them:
– To fine tune our skills in facilitation and our role as Lotscoach®
– How to create curiosity
– Meeting with people who are also certified in LOTS® and getting to know them
– Having some tips on how to deal with difficulties and more that are challenging in our role as Lotscoach®
– Learning what is new in LOTS®
– How to work with the new version of LOTS® in regards to time spent on each step
– Listen to others and their experiences
– More about the Five Aspects model
– Get inspiration and develop further in my role as leader
– Getting new thoughts and ideas
– Deepened understanding
– Repetition of the process
– Exciting and conscious discussions that increases the interest for more

Many expectations were met and also exceeded. With a quick “popcorn” the positive things about the days came up:
– Exchange of experiences
– Openness in the group
– Repetition in the art of facilitation
– New perspectives and new insights
– Getting thoughts on how to make hard things easy
– Refreshing the process
– Inspiration from the Five Aspects model
– New angles/perspectives – the Overview effect
- Relaxed environment and atmosphere
- Free from “Egos”
- Good feelings when we reflect
- The new version of LOTS® is really good
- Maritza taking good care of us

The next opportunities for Development days in the network will be on November 25 and 29, and on January 25 and 26, 2017. These will take place in Uppsala and will be held in Swedish. On April 25 and 26, 2017 there will be two Development days held in English.


Sep 20 2016

Strengthening coaching resources

Huge Fastigheter AB has decided to further strengthen its coaching resources with LOTS® and therefore Simon Aras and Rolf Trelje attended a certification program in LOTS® in September and can now call themselves facilitators in LOTS® and Lotscoach®.

The Lotscoach® from Scandinavian Leadership was Carl Filip Bergendal.

Sep 6 2016

A common language for the international company

Eleven young participants of the new generation of leaders took part in a five-day certification program in LOTS®, aiming at becoming certified as Lotscoach®. The ambition level was high and the group was challenged every day. After the five intensive days they were glad to receive their diplomas.

As a certified Lotscoach® they will facilitate business planning and other issues throughout the international organization, and they are very much looking forward to their first assignment. The team will meet again for two days in November to fine-tune their coaching skills.

The program was led by the senior Lotscoach® Hans Akerblom.

Jun 27 2016

Five Aspects

The Five Aspects Model is a language to help us to come closer to understanding why it sometimes is so difficult and sometimes so easy to think and act Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way.

Here is a live presentation of the model recorded on our symposium held in Berlin. Hans Akerblom, creator of LOTS® and the model of the Five Aspects, is presenting.

Apr 28 2016

Update from Berlin

The atmosphere was great and participants from eight different countries took part in a symposium that gave them new insights and inspiration to bring home.

The presentation of the new version of LOTS® was very much appreciated by the participants. It is easier to learn and easier to use, and has an even greater focus on thinking and acting Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way. Not only the content has had a makeover, also the layout and the digital presentation have been modernized.

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the symposium with LOTS® at the Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm mid April, here is a short summary with some of the highlights.

Speakers with a deepened experience of LOTS® fueled the following discussions and exchange of experience in smaller groups.

– Life is too short not to enjoy it, Joseph Thampan, General Manager, Manufacture and Trading at AL ADRAK LLC, Oman, said and he used a very much-appreciated comparison between life and a sandglass: The sand in the bottom symbolizes our past and the sand on the top our future. The narrow middle stands for the here and now.

Jesper Ek, Head of Diabetes Care Sweden, Roche Diagnostics Scandinavia AB, (see picture) emphasized the importance of an Outside-in vision and Five Aspects as a common language in our role as a leader. The bicycle in the conference room was there to show the important parts of leadership as Jesper Ek sees them. The bicycle was also used in the conference room – to everyone’s surprise …

What the Five Aspects model has to do with LOTS® is a question we have heard many times over the years. The intention of LOTS® is to think and act Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way. That is sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult and has to do with love and fear. Five Aspects is a model and language that helps us to talk about and understand the challenges we meet.

A person that has made LOTS® his lifestyle is Michel Schutzbach, Vice President
Europe, Scandic Hotels, who shared his story from his time in the hospitality business. Thanks to LOTS® he discovered the value of setting and anchor clear goals and asking open questions rather than of commanding and giving orders. Michel Schutzbach believes in a high degree of participation in his team and his goal is to let all General Managers at Scandic Hotels become certified as Lotscoach®.

Birgitta Wikmark Carlsson at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation in Stockholm, Sweden, a courageous person and leader, talked about curiosity and change in leadership.

A special thanks goes out to the participants as well as the Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm General Manager Robert Schmiel and his team.

More information on the talks and the group discussions will follow shortly. Do you have questions on the new version of LOTS®, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone:, +46 731 43 36 86. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

May 19 2016

Welcome Stephan Stahl - Our latest member of our international team

- My passion lies in the development of human potential, says Stephan. During the course of my career I held various operational and commercial leadership roles within Hilton, Sheraton and at Scandic Hotels.

As General Manager, Vice President of Sales and Director of Learning & Development Stephan gained a lot of experience in leadership that he now would like to offer to others.

Stephan enjoys spending time in nature and value being with family members and friends. He is an American citizen of German heritage and today he lives in Scandinavia. He is fluent in English, German and Swedish and have carried out assignments, teaching and coaching in all three languages.  

- As a Lotscoach® I will have the opportunity to provide leaders out there with inspiration, structure and insights that will help them to develop themselves and what they are doing.

Phone no: +46 729 15 56 60

Mar 11 2016

New facilitators in LOTS®

Stephan Stahl and Erik Jonsson are the latest members of the growing numbers of facilitators in LOTS®. As Lotscoach® they have been educated in the art of questioning, in an open, structured way, and also in the structuring of all the answers.

When the results are presented in the form of a plan, it becomes a very useful tool for the management and also the entire organization. Where the organization is heading is important for everyone in the organization to understand and also brings security knowing that they are focusing on the right things.

– The program brought a lot of interesting insights, and the philosophy behind the process, including the Five Aspects model, gave me a lot of new inspiration, Erik says. The senior facilitator's professionalism and concrete guiding in how to facilitate was very much appreciated.

– To apply what we learn on our own issues is really powerful, says Stephan. The experience of the senior facilitator was inspiring and I also appreciated the warm humor.