Sep 11 2017

“This exceeded my expectations”

Amazingly knowledgeable, curios and humble strategists from Systembolaget in Sweden attended a certification program to become Lotscoach® in Uppsala, Sweden the second week of September 2017. The program was held by Lotscoach® Hans Akerblom.


“LOTS® is so much more than just the steps of the wheel.”

“I had relatively high expectations and the were exceeded on several levels.”

“I am looking forward to when LOTS® is now becoming more digitalized. I think this will increase the use of the tool significantly.”

“Sometimes it feels a bit subjective since you are the founder of LOTS®. The manual is useful but could make use of some more inspiring figures, illustrations, pictures etc.”

“Very appreciated days and a big warm thank you.”

“We will meet again in October and November.”

Aug 17 2017

Congratulations on your certification

Following five inspirational and intensive days of learning and practicing the philosophy, common language and tool of LOTS® we are happy to welcome seven new members from China, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand, UK and Denmark to the global network of being a Lotscoach®.

As Lotscoach® these leaders will now facilitate the business- team- and leader development processes within Arla Foods and they now belong to a team of more than 100 leaders certified as Lotscoach® within Arla Foods, globally. We wish them the best of success for their future facilitations.

Jun 20 2017

New members of the team of LOTS®

After an intense week they all got their certificates and posed on the balcony for the group photo. Many thanks to Magnus who had composed a song for us in the spirit of LOTS® and a lot of Five Aspects. Nice to see that people certified as Lotscoach® also have an artistic side.

– Your willingness to understand and master the skills are impressive and that was also seen on the results. You all were very comfortable in your description of the process and also when you facilitated my issue, said Hans Akerblom.

Jun 20 2017

Development Days connected and inspired

People eager to learn and develop themselves met again to fine tune their skills in facilitating with LOTS®.

– Not only is it fun to learn more about the possibilities with LOTS®  from our senior Lotscoach®  Hans Akerblom, but also to meet other people certified as Lotscoach® and learn from them, one participant said.

– Everyone had a lot of experiences to share, another participant said. It's very valuable.

Here are further comments on the Development days:

– So many had so much experiences to share
– We learned new things and had a lot of insights – and fun
– Real life cases is very educating
– Reflecting together and coaching one another is inspiring
– We become better and faster along the way
– Quality time to be in the group of equals and provides a feeling of connectedness
– We enjoyed the nice environment
– The guided tour of the dome and the "after work" was a really nice activity

May 10 2017

The creation of common values

Seventy employees from Dala Vatten och Avfall met for a day to discuss their shared values.

The employees reflected on how they should relate to each other from the perspectives: us as employees, for the boss and for those who live in, work and visit our municipalities. In order to have balance in their values, Outside-in and Inside-out.

Earlier this year, the management team had defined a new vision and purpose for the company, and these were now the basis for talking about company values.

– It was with the help of the reflection tools that was used very high commitment and we were pleased to see how homogeneous our values are, also in a company with several business areas and a large geographical spread.

The reflections were led by Lotscoach® Patrik Falk.

Apr 26 2017

Inbjudan till Utvecklingsdagar i LOTS® den 13 och 14 juni i Uppsala

De senaste Utvecklingsdagarna har varit mycket uppskattade och givande och nu erbjuder vi ännu ett tillfälle för dig som är certifierad Lotscoach® att delta i Utvecklingsdagar i Uppsala. Vi träffas för att utvecklas och kunna göra ett ännu bättre arbete för våra ärendeägare, som i sin tur kommer att lyckas ännu bättre i utvecklingen av verksamheten, teamet och sig själva.

Vi träffas för att utbyta erfarenheter med andra och vässar våra färdigheter, dels genom att själva vara aktiva, men också genom att se andra agera som Lotscoach®. Hans Åkerblom håller i programmet.

För intresserade deltagare ordnar vi även en guidad tur i Uppsala domkyrka. Detta sker tisdag den 13 juni kl. 16:30 och vi vill att du anmäler ditt intresse, så att guiden kan anpassa turen till antalet deltagare. Efter guidningen genom domkyrkan träffas vi för mingel/AW på ett trevligt ställe.

Det vore roligt om du ville delta i Utvecklingsdagarna i juni. Anmäl dig till Maritza på För dig som betalar årsavgift ingår Utvecklingsdagarna. För övriga är kostnaden Kr. 3.900 för båda dagarna och om du önskar delta endast en dag Kr. 2.900. Vi behöver din anmälan senast den 30 maj.

Om du har en kollega som inte har fått inbjudan är du välkommen att vidarebefordra denna information. Kollegan behöver dock vara certifierad i LOTS® för att få ut maximalt av dagarna.

Apr 22 2017

"I would like to stay another week"

A new team of leaders met in Uppsala, Sweden, last week to become certified as Lotscoach®. Below we share some of their feedback after getting to know LOTS®:

– A good process that leads to good reflections.
– Great training. I would like to stay another week.
– LOTS® is much more than I expected. New dimensions.
– So much more I would like to learn. Looking forward to the development days.
– A very good structure for planning and solving problems.
– Great learning climate.
– Looking so much forward to my assignments as a Lotscoach®.
– This will be a great personal development for me.
– I have already recommended some leaders I know to certify themselves as a Lotscoach®.

We wish all participants a great start in their new role as Lotscoach® and are looking forward to seeing you all soon again!

Mar 10 2017

Eager to learn and develop as Lotscoach®

People active as Lotscoach® met at Norrlands Nation in Uppsala, Sweden.

The University of Uppsala have many students coming from different parts of Sweden. Every part have their own building, so called Nation, where they can meet friends, study and party. We spent our Development Days at the nation house used by students coming from the Northern part of Sweden. We all enjoyed the atmosphere there.

We learned from each other and took every opportunity to practise facilitation on our real life issues. Here are some comments from the participants:

"It's great to be together and to meet new colleagues"
"It's always a loveful atmosphere when we meet"
"I fill myself with energy during the Development Days"
"It's good to see other people certified as Lotscoach® in action"
"I keep learning"
"There is always so much more to learn in LOTS® and the new reflection tools"
"I'm already looking forward to the next Development Days"
"It was inspiring to take part of the development of the next version of LOTS®"

– The coming Development Days will focus on the reflection tools, and we will then also have more information on the coming version of LOTS®, Hans Akerblom says. I'm already looking forward to the next occasion, these days have been great and everyone has been eager to learn more about LOTS®.

Mar 6 2017

The Tillmans - new members of the family - Welcome!

Linda and Christian Tillman have had a week of learning the benefits of using LOTS® on smaller and larger real life issues. They will now support each other and practice what they have learned on a daily basis, and this will of course benefit issue owners in every field.

- My knowledge as Lotscoach® will be valuable in many different situations, professional as well as private. It's been great to learn how to facilitate in a structured way and to get personal feedback, says Linda Tillman.

- The highlights of the week have been to challenge myself and gain insights of both potentials and deficiencies, says Christian Tillman.

Feb 23 2017

Inspiring skills update

Maria Fahlvik (right) and Karin Heierson (left) attended a one-day program to update their skills as Lotscoach®.

– They acted in a very experienced way, Hans Akerblom who held the program says, and they were open to the antithesis of development. They felt inspired and they will now contribute even better to the development of individuals, teams and what they do.

Both Maria and Karin got their certification in May 2005 and they have shown that they possess good knowledge in the facilitation with LOTS®.

Great having you here!